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DIRTY GRRLS V.3 (2011)

Portraits of female rugby players.


Derby Girls is a series of photographs that document the somewhat obscure sport of Roller Derby. Much of my work revolves around exploring the culture and psychology behind female athletes who participate in sports that are not traditionally played by women. While Roller Derby is a women's sport, it is not regarded as mainstream. The juxtaposition of the violence and aggression expressed on the track, and the sport's embedded, feminized pageantry is what initially piqued my interest. My intent was to highlight this fascinating sub-culture, and attempt to understand it better.

SALIGIA (2010)

The projects explores the idea that all humans are born with the stain of original sin, by casting children in roles which interpret the 7 deadly sins. The series had a catalogue entry written about it by Jodi Schachowskoj.


Images of striking natural landscapes that gratify the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure are explored in this exhibition. These images scrutinize nature, searching for beauty and meaning in the landscape.

PORTRAITS IN 4x5 (2010)

Large format portraits.


Portraits of female olympic wrestlers.

DIRTY GRRLS V.1 (2009)

Portraits of female rugby players.


As we continue to build homes and expand neighbourhoods on the fringes of the city, interesting juxtapositions occur in the built environment due to the merging of several different kinds of urban, suburban and industrial spaces. This work examines how urban sprawl has inadvertently situated children's playgrounds next to huge industrial complexes; from airports, highways and train stations to shipping yards, refineries and junkyards.

CI•CA•TRIX (2009)

Ci•ca•trix explores scarring as it relates to physical and psychological identity. The intention was to accentuate the inherent beauty of an element that is normally regarded as ugly, and often hidden from view.


Stylized portraits of Montreal indie band The Datsuns.


A spoof about a 1920's film starlet with tourette's syndrome (also exists as a mockumentary in video (VHS) format). This was a collaborative project with filmaker and producer, Mila Aung-Thwin.

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